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Sticks & Stones (Cut & Run Series)

Sticks & Stones - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban Oh the things I have to write about this wonderful book!!! It makes me all giddy inside thinking of them both :)In this book you really get to know Ty and Zane even better and fall in love with them even more! The emotions within the book vary from hurt, anger and stubbornness to concern, gentleness and LOVE! Ty and Zane both have their issues, which are better explained as the story unfolds. They admit that they can read each others minds as partners, yet as lovers/friends they barely know each other.I felt the song Ache by James Carrington http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=related&v=eQsEytN1nwM best describes Ty and Zane's relationship with each other. Their lives have changed since meeting each other, they have many things which are unsaid between them and they both ache for each other in a response to the pain their partner is feeling and their love for the other person. In the book you meet Ty's family. Ty has a very strenuous relationship with his Father Earl, due to the high expectations he has of his son. When Earl called Ty a coward, I was horrified! Then when Ty said he felt he'd 'failed spectacularly in front of the only person he'd ever wanted to make proud of him' I cried for himThe title 'sticks and stones' comes from when Ty is chastised by his Father; the hurt he feels crushes his spirit. I agree with Ty when he said 'sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt me! Whoever came up with the that deserved a few sticks and stones to the head' Ty shoulders a lot of blame for things, failures hit him hard and he feels very protective of those he cares for around him. His tough outer skin is a protective mechanism in place to guard his feelings, yet underneath it the hurt he feels for those he loves, when they are hurting is felt deeply by him.Zane feelings for Ty are strong and when he is hurting Zane feels it and try's to protect him from it. Zane being the more open of the two still struggles to know when to open up to Ty as he is never sure if the response is going to be sarcastic, yet he understands that is a reflex Ty uses. Their relationship together is deepening and they protect each other at all costs even compromising their own safety. The gentle way they touch each other is EVEN better than the sex and that is saying something. There is one scene in the woods which had me panting for breath haha! I LOVE the way they touch each others faces, brush hands together, calm each other down and hold each other. Their gentleness with each other makes my heart melt.Favourite quotes (although there were many) are-Zane- 'I need it...I need you'Zane- 'I'm here for you. You know that right? I won't let you fall'Ty- 'I like being able to wake up to you. I like knowing you'll be there if I need you!'Zane- 'just focus on me...what's the first thing that comes to mind?' Ty thought 'I love you' but he was unwilling to answer' I'm glad they didn't say I love you to each otherness this book as I don't think their relationship is at the right phase to say it yet