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Break Her

Break Her - B.G. Harlen Well it certainly isn't for the faint hearted! (Not sure if my heart has got back to a normal rhythm yet after reading it. Very heavy stuff. I'll be honest I cried, felt nauseous even when I wasn't reading it and my mind could not think of anything else, even now I've got to the end!BE WARNED THIS REVIEW DOES CONTAIN VERY SLIGHT INSIGHTS INTO THE BOOK- as I couldn't think of any other way to describe it.Most of the way through the book I did think 'why am I reading this?' But then I wanted to read further. This made me question my sanity for being hooked on it! If you are thinking of reading it I would suggest you don't do what I did and read it without having a break with another book in between, as I think that would have helped. The scenes described are brutal and unrelenting at times and turned my stomach in knots, especially as many were often so unexpected. Can i just say- Becs did a brilliant review of this book which really explains it in a far better way than I will.The story kicks off straight away! So there is no let up or background information. The dialogue can get quite heavy at times as there are a lot of psychological ideas discussed between the two characters (who are not named). The thing I found hardest to cope with was the unexpected sudden changes in his calm demeanour. When you least expected it the calmness in him would disappear, often once she said something that would touch a nerve within him. It was the consequences that were hard to read which shocked me to the core. She is a very strong character and the author portrays this well with the words used. She manages at times to turn his feelings around which sometimes he accepts. It's when he feels his guard being lowered he fights back with ugly results. His ultimate goal is to 'break her' and all credit to her I'd have broke from the first page! As stated in the book he was using 'something that felt so good (sex) and turning it into a weapon, a devastating weapon.'I was slightly annoyed with the sarcastic banter between the characters. I think the reason for me feeling this way was due to the seriousness of the situation she was in. However I came to accept it as it did show her strength of character and by the end of the book I could understand the reasons she could do this.The book does quote lots of movies which can be annoying if you haven't watched them, but I was still able to understand the basics behind the comments.The ending (don't worry I'm not going to give anything away) didn't satisfy me in some respects. I did think there was going to be a different ending, even a twist and within the last few chapters she describes one thing (in her delirium) which I thought would have ended the story in a better way, but this wasn't the case.To end with a quote from the book which explains how this book made me feel..."What did Sarah Connor say in The Terminator? 'God you can go crazy thinking about all this' "I think I will be going crazy for a long time yet thinking about this book. Definitely need a lighter read after this one.