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Power Exchange

Power Exchange - A.J.  Rose THIS IS A BRILLIANTLY WELL WRITTEN BOOKBuddy read with the lovely ladies Awilk, Em, Laci Rain, Renee, The only reason for 4 STARS instead of 5 was because I felt the murder plot overtook the story too much at times. However the relationship development between dom Ben and sub Gavin more than made up for it.I loved it when Ben called Gavin 'Baby' it made my heart crush for BenThis is a BDSM book, yet there is much more depth to it. The relationship between Ben and Gavin is beautifully written and is evident through their trust and commitment to each other. The sex scenes left me in desperate need of this- Another bonus to this book is if you are a BDSM virgin then the explanations are really thorough as they are explained as part of the crime case. Ben is also training Gavin for his role as a sub so he also explains aspects to him. This however can be a draw back if you are well acquainted with the BDSM terms/lifestyle and can lead you wanting to skim read past them.'Master Lacey had said: exquisite torture, absolute trust, and the knowledge that new heights could be reached by letting oneself go that far, trust in another that deeply'"Why Gavin. How would Victoria feel if she saw you looking at our consult like you just crawled out of the desert and he's a big Gulp of ice water?"'Ben said 'My kink is the emotional subtlety and behavioural nuance of earning someone's submission''Ben said 'I've let a piece of myself slip away, and with you I have the chance to regain what I fought so hard to understand and master'MY FAVOURITE QUOTE"Ben-'I want to blindfold you, plug your ears, gag you, tie you up. Make it so the only thing you know is my touch. I want you hyper-aware of my fingers on your skin, of my lips and tongue exploring every inch of you. And I want you unable to move, so when I have you that helpless, you surrender to me'WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK? yes I would to all loves of BDSM and m/m romance with a crime slant to the storyWHY WOULD I RECOMMEND IT? the relationship is progresses well and is perfectly written about and the sex is unbelievably hot