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Like It or Not
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In The Blink Of An Eye (Juxtapose City 2)
Tricia Owens
Tentacles of Love - Margaret Carter Now we all know that going through our heads when we see a hot man is...WHAT IS HIS JUNK LIKE!?! IS IT BIG!?! etc etc! (Don't even try to deny it!!) So Mr Hottie there is no point in hiding it! Us women still crave to know! But with this clueless woman what she should have been asking more importantly is...WHAT ARE YOU PACKING!?!?Yes yet another TENTACLE novella! I cannot resist them. They don't have to be long (well the tentacles do) bwhahahaha! As long as they have substance but I just felt the plot line was quite pointless and if I am honest the tentacles just didn't quit...errr...tickle my fancy enough bwhahahaha!But who knows you may like it so who am I to stop you giving it a try :) Happy reading