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In The Blink Of An Eye (Juxtapose City 2)
Tricia Owens
Dirty Thirty - Cara McKenna I was torn between giving this book 3/4 stars!!I will admit it was the extremely hot sex scenes which bumped it up a star! Shame on me I know!!Things I liked (without spoilers)* the way the author wrote the whole situation. She seemed to be sensitive to the fact some people may have issues reading about another person entering an existing married relationship! (even though I will admit I still wasn't 100% ok with it!!)* Paul was incredibly hot, and an alpha male without question* The m/m sex scene mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! HOTThings I didn't like so much (again without spoilers)* Margie! She was annoying and kept butting in when she really didn't have to!! If only it was a m/m/m book bwhahahahaha!* The ending was awkward in my opinion!If you want a short hot read and don't mind m/m/f sex then this is the one for you! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)Thank you sweet Vishous for buddy reading with me! I had a good laugh as always bwhahahahaha! mwah