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In The Blink Of An Eye (Juxtapose City 2)
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Pretty When She Cries - Sarah Kate This book is NOT for the faint hearted. You only need to read the first section of the blurb to realise you will not be able to read it without having every single one of your emotions completely torn to shreds.The thing is I love that feeling of inner turmoil when reading the books I read. Most people will cringe when reading the blurb let alone the actual book. Nicole suffers a great deal while in captivity, yet she has a fighting spirit which I loved in her character even when things get extremely ugly It is not a pleasant read, it does leave you anxious, angry, tearful and had me on more than one occasion wanting to strangle any man within a few feet of where I sat reading on my IPad. But...I guess my darker book tastes mean I don't mind feeling this way. Its all part of the angst, which I enjoy. Although that does NOT mean I condone the serious subject matters raised in this book. So I recommend if you are thinking of reading this book that you take on board the advisory notes as they are there for a reason.Well that is if you can get hold of this book any more as I know it has been discontinued, so not sure where you would be able to get it???