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In The Blink Of An Eye (Juxtapose City 2)
Tricia Owens
Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville BUDDY READ WITH THE BEAUTIFUL LINDSAYThank you so much Kelly for the recommendation I LOVED LOVED LOVED itThis book really surprised me as I usually go for books which are full of hot sex. YES you heard right I am shallow and love books with sex sex and more sex! But with this book something gripped me and kept me reading. Even now I'm not sure what it was? Maybe it was*The well written story*The gripping characters*The fact D and Jack overcome past issues and move forward together or*The sexy DI think it was all of the aboveFAVOURITE QUOTES'People are living out there. How can they? I'm in here with some kind of assassin and he has a gun with which he might shoot me at any moment, and meanwhile people are driving to the grocery store and screwing each other and cooking meals and watching f@cking Oprah!''Jack slowly stretched out his pinky finger until it grazed the side of D's hand..D didn't withdraw; instead his hand flinched a little closer. Emboldened Jack covered D's hand with his own: D turned his palm up and their fingers slid together, interlacing and fitting together against each other...''He didn't want to exchange deep and tender caresses during a long slow coupling. He wanted to get f@cked by the only man he'd ever been to bed with...Jack just wanted D to drill him through this mattress until he couldn't walk'Would I recommend this book to others? YES, definitely. ALL m/m readers need to give it a try