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In The Blink Of An Eye (Juxtapose City 2)
Tricia Owens
The Flesh Cartel #3: Choices (The Flesh Cartel Season 2: Fragmentation) - Heidi Belleau, Rachel Haimowitz REALLY GOOD BOOK, IN MY OPINION NOT AS GOOD AS THE FIRST TWO BUT STILL BRILLIANTCHOICES OR CONSEQUENCES- those are the options for Mat and Dougie. Brothers fighting to survive the horror of what has and what will be done to them at the hands of their master/trainer Nikolai Nikolai is a manipulator of the mind and wants to break one brother while seeking to have the other brother come willingly to him. He exploits Mat and Dougie's obvious love for each other by coercing them to do his will, without hesitation.'This was no life worth living, and he reached the point where he'd have ended it if they'd let him, even knowing that would mean leaving Dougie behind'Nikolai's treatment of the two brothers is different, separating them to divide their loyalty towards each other.'He always said he would do anything for Matt. Die. Sell his soul' With Dougie, Nikolai is determined to chip away at his soul until he makes him loose faith in Mat and rely more on his master.Dougie while lying in his isolated cell believes all hope was fast disappearing 'Dougie's hallucinations were getting worse. It didn't help that he knew now how very real monsters were, that terrors did lurk in the dark, thought so far they'd all come in human form'The master manipulator wants Dougie to feel alone and builds his fear while he is trapped in isolation, with only his thoughts to comfort/disorientate himWould I recommend this book? Yes I would to all lovers of dark reads.Will I be buying the next in the series? HELL YES!! Already pre-ordered o arrive on the due date, I cannot wait now