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In The Blink Of An Eye (Juxtapose City 2)
Tricia Owens
Cut & Run - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban Brilliant book I love Zane and Ty.I will admit I did find the story was slow to begin with. However it was really worth it as seeing Ty and Zane's relationship develop was amazing and it was worth the initial frustrations.Their relationship begins when they are made to work a murder case together. They judge each other by their outward appearances, Zane being the clean cut cop and Ty being the badass one with a chip on his shoulder. But as they say opposites attract! You do begin to think of Ty as the bad boy but as the story develops you realise Zane is no angel. Zane has addictions to things which place added strain on their relationship and Ty battles continually to help him overcome them. After the death of his wife Zane has a fear of loosing people close to him. He begins to feel this way towards Ty, fearing not being there if something was to happen to him.Zane is better at expressing his feelings towards Ty than the other way around. Ty is more of an actions man when he stayed with Zane in the car and covered his body with his own, I swear I had a tear in my eye!The affection Ty and Zane demonstrate to each other is heart warming, even with little things like touching each others faces / holding hands. The back story of the murder cases were good and didn't distract too much from seeing Ty and Zane's relationship develop. Quotes I lovedZane- 'I'm too damn stubborn to die, when I have a reason to live' Zane- 'Shit Grady. I gave up drinking, drugs and smoking for you. I'm not giving up my motorcycle'Ty- 'If you'd have been there I'd have lost you' I would recommend this to anybody just starting m/m romance novels as the pace is slow, then when the action starts its amazing!!