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In The Blink Of An Eye (Juxtapose City 2)
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Rock Chick - Kristen Ashley Finally finished!So sorry I couldn't rate this book higher as I love Kristen Ashley's books. :( I really wanted to give up reading so many times but it got better from approx 60% onwards. Yes that late in the book! So you can understand my frustration.Lee saved this book for me time and time again! He thought Indy was cute, I thought she wasEXTREMELYannoying- definitely a chick! I wanted to strangle her or for Lee to tie her to the bed and leave her there! Definitely lacked the Kristen Ashley sex buzz for me, especially as they kept getting interrupted. Never mind Lee wanting to smash a phone or bust someone's ass for getting in their way, I wanted to!Lee is one hot, jealous, possessive, bossy, honest badass who I loved as a character. He can handcuff me to a bed anytime :) Loved his 'love for Indy' speech near the end. The other characters within the book were good, especially the other bad boys mentioned- Darius, Eddie and Vance (hope they have their own book especially Eddie). Although if any person who has reviewed their books says they contain an annoying bimbo I will not be reading them as my mind just cannot cope!The three stars are all for Lee! I would have given it 3 1/2 but even Lee annoyed me for thinking her antics were cute! But they say love is blind. Still love him though :)