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In The Blink Of An Eye (Juxtapose City 2)
Tricia Owens
Obsessed - Lisa Sanchez For all those ladies who like their male hero's with tattoo's, piercings, muscles and a protective streak, I've found your man- Nick. He was not quite alpha enough for me although he does do some growling throughout the book and has some serious issues with his past, which adds to his bad-boy persona.I loved the inner battles Nick had with regards to his feelings for Halley at the beginning of the book, they made me laugh. I especially loved his rough talk. He is very caring towards Halley and certainly is her knight in shining armour! He also calls her 'princess' which is sweet. This book is very much a 'damsel in distress' story, right the way through. There were two things which irritated me, hence the 4 stars instead of 5. One thing was the amount of times it mentions 'Xanax'! I didn't have a problem with Halley needing to take anti-anxiety medication, as I think I would if I'd been through what she had, yet it was over done in my opinion. The second annoying thing was some of the references to sexual things. I LOVE talk in sex scenes but found Nick giving Halley's female anatomy the name 'kitty' a turn off! It just didn't seem to fit with his character? Another reference which made me cringe was when Halley referred to sex as 'another round of hide the weasel'. I'm cringing typing it. I mean come on how old are we 5! However this reference and the kitty reference only occurred 3 times so I could cope with that.All in all the book was a good read, definitely loved Nick's character and Halley wasn't annoying (as some damsels in distress are).