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In The Blink Of An Eye (Juxtapose City 2)
Tricia Owens
Nobody's Perfect - Kallypso Masters This author develops the characters well and the story line was good. If you are into BDSM then you will like this book. Damien is a Dom yet he wasn't as assertive as I would like in a male lead. Yet the way he was fits well with Savannah's fear of men so I could accept it.One aspect i didn't like was the way both Damien and Savannah gave their genital parts names. I just didn't think it fit well with this story with Savannah having such aversions to sex one minute then next minute labelling her private parts- but maybe that's just me?The length of the book was good and helped you get to know the characters well. However I did feel Savannah's character went from not trusting men to trusting Damien very quickly towards the end.Having said that I will continue to love this series and will continue to read them. I love that you learn more about the characters from other books within each story as the series continues.The epilogue includes parts from the next story in the series, this one being Luke and Cassie's story (which I cannot wait for). The taster you get really makes me want to read the next book.