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Like It or Not
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In The Blink Of An Eye (Juxtapose City 2)
Tricia Owens
Dark Soul Vol. 5 - Aleksandr Voinov BRILLIANT SERIES- SO GLAD I HAVE READ THEM!!SAD THAT IT IS OVER WITH THOUGH- I will need my next Aleksandr Voinov fix VERY soonSILVIOSTEFANOIf I am honest I would have given this book 4 1/2 stars as I think the ending was wrapped up with a neat bow too quickly (in my opinion). Yet my 5 star rating was for the series as a whole. I have been addicted from the first moment I started reading until the very last word.I was expecting the series to be darker, but that may be my warped mind wanting more sadistic things to happen (yes I am sexually warped and I love it).I went through a range of emotionSO-WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS SERIES TO PEOPLE? yesWHO WOULD I RECOMMEND IT TO? people who want a mind fuckWHY WOULD I RECOMMEND IT? Because the characters are well written, the story makes you experience a range of emotions and Silvio and Stefan are to die for charactersQUOTE-He wanted that, his own tension responding to Silvio as their bodies built that charge that was nearly always there. Impossible to look at him, to touch him, to see any openness of vulnerability about him without thinking of sex. What he looked like when he came, when he lost himself, chasing pleasure with the same intensity and single-mindedness that he pursued a mark. "I'll take care of you"