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In The Blink Of An Eye (Juxtapose City 2)
Tricia Owens
Curio - Cara McKenna I REALLY REALLY wanted to love this book and I did for the first 50%. But then I just had a few issues with it which had me thinkingThere are some spoilers below so you have been warned* I don't mind reading about virgins but I had slight issues with it and to begin with it was believable but by the end Caroly just seemed too demanding in the bedroom department to be a woman who had no clue about sexual matters!* I don't mind reading about hero's who have issues as it adds to their character but considering his position as a model and male companion/prostitute and he just seemed to depress the mood when they were together at timesI was really eager to read this series but now sadly I'm not so sure???This is the next book in the series, [b:Coercion|15732637|Coercion (Curio, #2)|Cara McKenna|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1341244003s/15732637.jpg|21413436] hopefully I will still give it a try