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In The Blink Of An Eye (Juxtapose City 2)
Tricia Owens
My Best Bud, My Master - Gay HARDCORE - Chris Johns OH I AM GOING TO HAVE FUN REVIEWING THIS BOOK!!!Well where to start The Rating- I gave this book 1 star that was due to the slight pick up in story as the book progressed, and some of the sex scenes were hot. However there were many things which I disliked about the book. These are listed below1. The words used were often repeated such as Junk/hung (if I heard them one more time I was going to scream)2. Some of the phrases used got on my nerves e.g. 'Monster' instead of D*ck or 'Love juice' instead of (well you can use your imaginations) lol3. The slaves had numbers and I was confused at times when a few number were used in one scene (my mind was in a spin)4. Hugh want to break his friend Mark so he can have a relationship with him WTF??? So he puts him through his paces then when Mark does crack he regrets it WTF????5. Hugh wants Mark to submit and to do that he passes him around to other men WTF?? I'm all for training but do it yourself Hugh!!The emotions I felt while reading this book were-WOULD I RECOMMEND IT- No, not unless you want a laughWHY NOT Because the character development was none existent and all of the above reasons listed