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In The Blink Of An Eye (Juxtapose City 2)
Tricia Owens
Tentacles of Love - Margaret Carter Now we all know that going through our heads when we see a hot man is...WHAT IS HIS JUNK LIKE!?! IS IT BIG!?! etc etc! (Don't even try to deny it!!) So Mr Hottie there is no point in hiding it! Us women still crave to know! But with this clueless woman what she should have been asking more importantly is...WHAT ARE YOU PACKING!?!?Yes yet another TENTACLE novella! I cannot resist them. They don't have to be long (well the tentacles do) bwhahahaha! As long as they have substance but I just felt the plot line was quite pointless and if I am honest the tentacles just didn't quit...errr...tickle my fancy enough bwhahahaha!But who knows you may like it so who am I to stop you giving it a try :) Happy reading
The Gentleman's Keeper - Bonnie Dee,  Summer Devon My first historical mm romance and I was hooked from page 1! I loved the plot line, the character and relationship development. It was just amazing and the fact I want to find more historical mm books speaks volumes to me :) I will certainly try more books by these two authors, as their style of writing is clear and allowed me to enter into the scene without fluffy/fancy vocabulary. I loved it
Grey's Hidden Fire - Draven St. James Absolutely loved it :) I thought it was very similar to Hot Head which was brilliant as I loved that book.It is a short one but I don't mind them shot especially not when they are this hotttt! I certainly felt the true heat of Grey's hidden fire bwhahaha
In Every Hole - Aya Fukunishi Not sure why this book doesn't have a cover on GR's as I thought it was quite sexy- me being a cover whore!! So here you go...Another short tentacle alien sex book. It was weirdly hot and I did enjoy the first part but then it got confusing for me when other characters got involved! YES multiple people were possessed bwhahahaha!If it had humour in it I may have been able to add a star!! But oh well :)
To Feel the Sun - Marie Sexton Marie Sexton has an amazing talent for invoking emotions if I can cry and smile within 10 minutes reading an 8 page long novella!! I will certainly be reading more of her books, this one was magical, tragic but gave me hope :)
Secrets are my Sanity - Isabelle Arocho I loved this shortie, it was so sweet and the relationship developed beautifully between Nick and Shane.It is ya m/m and I was surprised that I loved it so much, but I honestly couldn't put it down :) The only fault was that there were some noticeable typo errors, which I know will bother some people but I loved the book so much it didn't bother me :) I would love there to be a sequel to find out how their relationship develops further :)
The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window - Kirsty Moseley ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I loved every part of it :) it was just what I needed :) If you liked books like [b:Almost|16112452|Almost|Anne Eliot|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1351368276s/16112452.jpg|19013170] by Anne Eliot or [b:Easy|16056408|Easy|Tammara Webber|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1349370267s/16056408.jpg|19113823] by Tammara Webber then I think you will enjoy this one also :) It is ya and I thought I had moved on from them but this book proved me wrong and I am so glad I gave it a chance :)


Aftermath - Cara Dee I absolutely loved this amazing book :) :) Thanks beautiful V for the rec mwahEverything was worth 5 stars to me from the slight dark element in the book to their special relationship together.I just never wanted it to end :( :( :( The author did an amazing job of describing things which made me actually feel as though I was feeling what Austin and especially Cam felt, which at times wasn't pleasant, but in the end turned out to be wonderful *sigh*
Rock Chick Renegade - Kristen Ashley AMAZING!!! Vance you have my heart *sigh* he is yummy :) I even loved Jules YES you heard me right! Me actually loving a female character! And one who is a Rock Chick!! One thing that did spoil it for me was (and please don't shoot me) seeing two pictures of Vance in reviews. The reason it bothered me was when I read a character has long hair I tend to give them a mental hair cut! But...after seeing the review pictures for some reason my stupid brain wouldn't switch off from them! *sobs*So I had to read it without this luxury *sniff* Oh well! Thankfully he was still amazingly hot :)
Beneath the Burn - Pam Godwin NOT RATINGI really loved the first 20% of this book and was hooked then it just went down in my eyes :( and I had no will to read it :( My problem with dark kinky books is that I want them dark most of the way through (I do like a HEA though) but this one seemed to be turning sweet far too early for my taste :( BUT...Who knows I may read the rest of it one day, but at this moment in time I just wanted to move on :(
Tantalizing Tentacles (Halloween Treats) - Arneis Fiero This short book was brilliant and filled a gap inbetween booksYes you read right it is a Tentacle book As in a plant with vines with suckers on them bwhahahahaha! What can I say I am into kinky sh@t and no apologies hahaha!I will not ruin it for you incase you fancy tying it for yourself :) So whether you want to read it to have a laugh or to tickle a kink I think you may like it hahahahaha!
Cowboys Down - Barbara Elsborg DNF at 50%Gosh I swear I am a fussy reader :( :( :( as I know it is yet another DNF but it was only because the story read just like a normal average life story. I want more from a book. I want to escape the boredom of real life and everyday things and become excited by the book I am reading.But sadly I felt this book didn't have it. The SEX WAS HOOTTTTT though hahahahaha! Just a shame I didn't connect with the characters as I wanted to do :( But that cowboy butt pic cheered me up and gave me hope for a better cowboy read next time.Thanks Blacky for buddying with me :) mwah I feel better knowing you felt the same
The Ultimate Submission - Zev de Valera I did DNF at 75% but I was gripped by some of the dark aspects just not all :( hence why I gave it 2 stars.The reason I DNF'd wasn't because it contained controversial topics (as that doesn't bother me) but it was the fact I skimmed most of it and only read certain parts! This book isn't for everyone and it will offend a lot of people. But the advisory notes are there to warn people so you are warned before hand.
Rock Chick Regret - Kristen Ashley 4 STARS (some sections 3 1/2 stars) I LOVED...*Hector
Angel of Darkness - Cynthia Eden Loved this book. I will admit I did loose interest at one point, but not enough to give up and I still really enjoyed it :)I liked the fact there wasn't many facts to remember about the PRN world within this book. As I have a short attention span and would give up or loose my place.I will definitely read book 2 as Sam sounds like the sort of Dark Angel I wouldn't mind jumping into bed with bwhahahahaha Thanks B for the rec :) mwaaahhhh
Fearless Leader (Juxtapose City #1) - Tricia Owens If you are into slightly dark m/m books this could be the book for you!I ABSOLUTELY LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!! It was funny, dark and sexy. I loved the banter between mr Darkness himself- Black and the eccentric Calyx. I NEED to read the next one and will do ASAP!Thanks V for the rec mwaaaaahhhhh I love you forever hahahahaha